Who are we?

The GHE 2018 cohort​ has 15 students, ​among them 10 domestic students who all had international experience, and 5 international students from countries such as China, Turkey, and Kazakhstan. ​It is very important for us to have students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds who bring their various global perspectives and personal experiences with other countries’ higher education to the program.

Educational Backgrounds

Students in the GHE program are not required to have taken education-related courses in the past. Our current students have a variety of training backgrounds, including bachelor’s degrees in English, Foreign Languages, Psychology, Sociology, Chinese, History, International Relations, International Studies or Global Studies. Many of our domestic students and international students have traveled or studied abroad, therefore GHE students have the “common language”, the shared global consciousness, the common interest in international higher education already at the beginning of their program.

Work Experience

Some of our students entered the master’s program immediately following their undergraduate education, and others have years of work experiences. Prior to joining the GHE program, some of our students taught English as a second language; or worked using their language skills in Chinese, Spanish, German, French, or Portuguese; held residence life, advising or administrative positions at higher education institutions in the US or abroad; or traveled and volunteered abroad.

Goals and Aspirations

Our current students have a variety of aspirations and goals beyond the GHE program. Some wish to help other students access and pursue study abroad opportunities or help with providing services to international students in the United States. Others hope to use their knowledge in a teaching or student affairs capacity, or to potentially apply for doctoral programs in a related field. Some students will use the GHE program to learn more about career opportunities and trends in ​international higher education.